Refund Policy

Date: 26 September 2016

Version: 1.0

CCS refers to this website, the Contractor Competency System by Blue Glue Pty Ltd.

Blue Glue's policy is to maintain a fair balance when providing services or subscriptions to customers. Below is Blue Glue's refund policy for CCS. This document has been structured into common scenarios where a refund may be requested by a customer.

I've made a mistake in subscribing to the Blue Glue CCS.

When a customer initially purchases a subscription with Blue Glue's CCS, the subscription services are immediately activated in order to provide those services as promptly and efficiently as possible. Blue Glue establishes and maintains these services with the expectation that customers have made an informed decision about their requirements. These activities have a tangible financial cost to Blue Glue in terms of both time and resources, particularly where a potential customer may have purchased or renewed their services and has then decided against progressing further with their plans for working on a client site with a Blue Glue access control system. It is for these reasons that Blue Glue have included into the Terms and Conditions under the 6.3 Termination clause that: "Services are required to be cancelled prior to renewal, for cancellations submitted after the scheduled date of renewal there are no credits and no refunds."

I've cancelled my subscription, do I get a refund?

Cancelling a subscription will turn off the recurring billing for your current plan. The subscription will continue to remain active on a grace period until the current billing period has ended.

Refunds will not be provided for cancelling part way through a subscription. Subscriptions are activated under the expectation by Blue Glue that the customer wishes to use the Blue Glue CCS services for a minimum commitment of one year from starting or renewing a subscription.

What subscription term options are available?

Blue Glue offers yearly subscription periods.

Customers are welcome to register to Blue Glue's CCS without a subscription and use the service to ensure the CCS services meet their required and expected needs. When ready a subscription can be purchased to enable data synchronisation with the customer's clients' Blue Glue access control systems. CCS subscription services are also available on an ongoing yearly subscription basis and may be cancelled at any time. Additionally, a great deal of written information is available online on the Blue Glue CCS homepage detailing the features of our products. To this end, Blue Glue advises customers to be certain about their purchase before they go ahead with payment, as their refund request may be rejected.

What are the conditions for which Blue Glue will offer a refund?

Blue Glue makes every effort to ensure our customers are fully informed and advised of their rights, however, there may be circumstances where you might they feel warrant further consideration. For example:

  • You have legitimately attempted to cancel services before the due date or following the invoicing period but have been invoiced or charged;
  • You have purchased services or subscriptions based on information provided by Blue Glue that have failed to perform according to this information;

In circumstances such as these, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, Blue Glue will offer a full refund.

If you would like to contact us in regards to a refund request, visit our contact page.

My circumstances don't meet the criteria outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

In all circumstances, Blue Glue is happy to review cases on an individual basis and are happy to advise you on your options. Blue Glue management will review all requests on a case-by-case basis and response can generally be expected within 72 hours. It is possible that a refund can be given, however depending on the circumstance it may not be to the full value of the purchase.

How do I cancel my services or subscriptions?

All Blue Glue CCS services or subscriptions must be cancelled prior to their invoicing date. No cancellation fees are applicable to subscription services. To cancel your subscription, go to "Billing --> Cancel Subscription" to cancel your plan. It will remain active until the end of your current billing period.

Only users with the user access permission "Admin" have authorisation to manage billing and subscription information. If you do not have this permission, please contact your company's management to be granted authorisation to view and manage the Billing pages. This can be done by an Admin user editing your user account's access permissions here.